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Tel: 020 3795 1253

Danescroft has the benefit of the substantial financial backing of Palmer Capital. Palmer Capital is a major shareholder in the business and provides funding for development and investment via a number of in-house managed funds.

These include:

Palmer Capital Development Funds

PCDF IV is the fourth vehicle in the series of PCDF funds. The strategy of the funds is to invest opportunistically across all sectors and regions of the UK. PCDF IV and has a capacity of up to £225m of equity capital to be invested over the coming 2 years. Currently it is approximately 20% committed and actively investing. The target lot size for the fund is between £5m-£20m.

Residential Land Partnership (RLP)

The RLP Fund is being raised in partnership with Schroders REIM. RLP typically aims to buy brownfield or infill land where planning for residential development can either be gained or improved so that the land can be sold for an enhanced value. RLP’s target capital raise is £125m, of which the first close is scheduled for Q3 2017, with the remainder of the capital to be raised by end 2017/Q1 2018.

Palmer Real Estate Value LP

PREV was launched in 2013 and raised £50 Million.  The fund is focussed on UK value add assets in urban locations and targets residential and mixed use development opportunities.

3rd Party Investors

Danescroft also works with a number of third party private investors and fund managers who together provide substantial equity on a deal by deal basis.

Immediate funding is therefore available for speculative development projects, unconditional land purchases, and value add/asset management investments, from £1m-£50m of equity per deal.

For Further information on Palmer Capital please access their website via the link below: