About Us

Danescroft is a dynamic and established property company, operating successfully and profitably for over 20 years. Founded by David Civil in 1997, the company remains in private ownership with the management holding a majority and controlling stake.

Danescroft specialises in the promotion of large residential led sites, both greenfield & brownfield, with a particular reputation for unlocking complex planning situations. Current projects range from 54 – 3,500 units, all with a common theme of collaborative engagement with local authorities, stakeholders and landowners. Known for tackling and overcoming constraints that others have been unable to, the company is synonymous with considered, forward thinking and sustainable planning,

The team at Danescroft benefits from considerable experience within the housebuilding sector, allowing the company to bring forward consents that are designed and constructed to the highest standard, with a sharp focus on deliverability, making a long lasting & positive contribution to the local community.

Focused On Delivery

Current projects range between 17 and 1,000 dwellings.

Danescroft has established a considerable track record in acquiring and delivering both complex brownfield and greenfield sites, working closely with land owners, local authorities, communities and other stakeholders.

Significant Experience

The team’s experience is complimented through its careful selection of architects and other professional team members. This ensures that all projects are designed and constructed to the highest possible standards and make a positive contribution to the built environment.