New Business

The company has significant funds available for new acquisitions.

In particular we are seeking:

  1. Joint ventures with landowners, occupiers and tenants

  2. Brownfield/Greenfield sites with potential for residential development.

  3. Strategic sites capable of promotion through the LDF over the next 2-3 years.

  4. London offices for refurbishment or change of use to residential/serviced apartments.

In the following sectors:

  • Residential/mixed-use
  • Serviced apartments/hotels
  • Offices
  • Industrial / Distribution
  • Roadside / Motor trade / Trade counters
  • Healthcare
  • Neighbourhood and Local Shopping Centres


If you would like to discuss any interesting opportunities please contact:
David Civil
Tel: 020 3795 1253

Dominic Fryer
Tel: 020 3795 1253

James Trelfa
Tel: 020 3795 1253

Current Requirements